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Last updated: 03/22/2020 PM

AK MultiLanguages

Open source package that allows .NET develoeprs build applications target huge audience by supporting the UI with their native languages

Nuget Package

Get Started

Step One

Install the library into your .NET application (Blazor WebAssembly) in the current demo

Nuget Package:

install-package <aksoftware.localization.multilanguages>

Step Two

Create a .YML file that contains the key values as the following picture holds the keywords are being used in your application in the en-US culture and name the file en-US.yml

Useful Tip:

We used .YML because it's very light serialization langauge, it contains no curley brackets, many semi colons or whatever which make the files when you embed them inside your assembly very light and faster in serialization and deserializtion comparing it with Resource files which are based on XML that has a lot of useless tags and attributes

Visit Translate Application Page

Upload your .YML file. then you will be redirected to the Languages Center page, their you can see your keywords with the associated values, in addition to buttons for all the supported langauges.
Just click on the langauge your want to install the translated file.


In this demo we will create a Blazor WebAssembly Application, start Visual Studio 2019 and create a new Blazor WebAssembly Application

  • Create a YAML contains your keywords that you want to use in the application
  • Visit the Translate Application page and upload the file
  • Click on some languages you want to add to your application
  • Create a folder called Resources in your application
  • Add all the files to that folder
  • In Solution Explorer, select all the language files you have added and from the properties window, set the Build Action to Embeded Resource

Multi Languages in Blazor WebAssembly

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