Last updated: March 22th, 2020


Does it support all .NET client applications?

Yes!, But for now it works very well with Blazor WebAssembly and tested with, and very soon it will support WPF, UWP and Xamarin.Forms

What will happen if the culture of a user not specified in the resources New

Library tries to find the exact culture of the user in the Resources folder, if there is no file, it tries to find the first file that supports the same language of the user culture, if there is no it tries to find the english file otherwise it throws an exception.

Why it depends on YAML and not resource files

YAML is the future of the serialization langauges because it's very light and small in addition to that it is very fast when it comes to serialization and deserialization, so depending on YAML file in an effecient solution especially when it comes to Blazor where the resources file will be embeded within the assembly YAML is light so the size of the resource files based on XML will be more than 10x bigger